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What is Singapore Math  Method?

Singapore Government established The Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (CDIS) in 1980. TO improve mathematics education it developed instructional material for teaching primary and secondary mathematics.  The Model Method of problem-solving was an innovation that was developed at that time to address the issue of students having difficulty with word problems. This approach entails students drawing a pictorial model to represent mathematical quantities (known and unknown) and their relationships (part-whole and comparison) given in a problem, to help them visualize and solve the problem. The main concepts in this approach, the part-whole and comparison models are also used to illustrate the concepts of fraction, ratio and percentage. The model method has also been integrated with the algebraic method at the secondary school level to help students formulate algebraic equations to solve problems.  This bridges the learning of primary and secondary mathematics,  from the arithmetic method to the algebraic method.

In 1990 the Singapore education system developed the Mathematics Framework that articulates and explicates the intention of mathematics education. This was subsequently revised in 200 and 2003 to reflect the changing emphasis.

The Mathematics Framework and the Model Method are key features of Mathematics curriculum.

Is Singapore Math a regular math curriculum in US Schools?

Some schools in US follow Singapore Math Curriculum.

Are the Singapore math classes at MATHGURU a replacement for regular TEXAS TEKS Curriculum math classes?

No! Singapore math classes work well at the intervention level and enhance the mathematical thinking for at par and above level students.

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