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Math Science Enrichment Institute

Math Science Enrichment Institute  offers mathematics and science courses for grades 1-12. Computer (Java, Python, and MATLAB)  Online classes for Algebra, Geometry,  Physics,  and Scientific Coding are offered.

Math Science Enrichment Institute Vision

The main aim of Math Science Enrichment Institute is to empower students with math, science and computer knowledge and skills such that they can take charge of their educational endeavor as they prepare themselves for a successful higher education.   Empowering students with math skills would enable them to be successful in science and engineering where mathematics has become a necessary ingredient in every aspect of advancement.  Having taught at Canadian and American universities for more than a decade I have regularly observed senior undergraduate students struggle with basic math. It was clear to me that their struggle was not due to lack of knowledge,  it was due to fear of doing mathematics. In exams, most students would avoid doing math problems by opting to do theory questions.  On the other hand, I have also seen some of my students complete undergraduate studies with a double major in engineering and mathematics. The emphasis on teaching at  Math Science Enrichment Institute is to develop and refine math skills of students such that they can take charge of their higher education in a proactive fashion.

Teaching American Mathematics

American Mathematics is a rich mixture of international mathematics. It is robust, time-tested and has had the power to breathe life into the project that made humans visit Moon.  In the United States, many efforts have gone into research and development of  K-12  math curriculum and math teaching strategies over the past half a century. Knowing mathematics is different from applying mathematics! And the above two are different from teaching mathematics! To impart mathematical knowledge is an art and science at the same time! Taking the fear out of the pupil is an art and imparting mathematical content knowledge is the science part!  It needs patience, vision, and an openness to suit the teaching methods to the needs of the pupil! Math Science Enrichment Institute will empower students to excel in math and prepare them for a successful and promising higher education experience.

Why Study Math at Math Science Enrichment Institute?  

  • Learn and practice mathematical and scientific skills during structured class-work/homework
  • Learn real-world examples of mathematical/scientific   applications from NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA), DOE (Department of Energy)
  • Learn mathematical algorithm and flowcharting skills starting from grade 6
  • Learn about university education and how to prepare for a successful professional career
  • All of them during regular math classes

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